Who is Midwest Organics? 

In 2015, an organic agronomy company, Midwest Organics Inc., discovered the best Reptile Bedding the world has ever seen.

Midwest Organics is an agronomic soil-based company who concentrates on organic amendments to benefit soils.  Originally, Midwest Organics designed a patented process on coconut to create an absorbent material for soils.  It was soon after that Midwest Organics figured out how well of a bedding it made for reptiles.

Midwest Organics then launched the bedding company called Herptopia.  The bedding sold well and started to gain some traction when a well-known reptile expert, Brian Barczyk, started using the product. Barczyk loved it so much he wanted to visit Midwest Organics and see how it was made.  The friendship between Midwest Organics and Brian began shortly after. Just a few months later, Barczyk and Midwest Organics decided to join forces and start expanding product lines to make the husbandry hobby easier to do and make products better for the pets. 

Our goal is to provide customers with the highest quality products coupled with service that is second to none. 

About Brian Barczyk

Check out this video to learn more about Brian Barczyk and his love for reptiles. 

Brian has been passionate about animals since he was a 2 year old child and laid eyes on a Ball Python at his local zoo. Since, he has devoted his entire life to working with wildlife. He has been breeding snakes for 30 years and started his web show, SnakeBytesTV, in 2008.